All moved in! #illinoiscollege #ic18 (at forgot everything)

Person: haha roxys a stupid drunk lol
Me: you come in MY house, you insult ROXY LALONDE, on this, the day of my daughters wedding

How am I supposed to leave this pup tomorrow? (at why can’t I bring lulu)


once i was babysitting my neighbor’s 6 year old and she asked me why i was so ugly and without thinking i said “i’m you from the future” and she cried for like 30 minutes


Todays gender of the day is: A deer going P:


*clears throat* hello yes I’d just like to show you this one thing. sometimes if i just sort of push my arm against my side, i can move this fat and get a bicep. take that atkins diet

Eating a whole burrito from Qdoba before a massage was not my brightest accomplishment

my queer needs help

laurens called me a fat gay and threatened to smother me with her boobs okAY 


oh my ogd


Korrasami don’t give a shit.

Yay. I’m finally done.These two are fab.


Korra/Asami © Nickelodeon

Art © Me

i dont got out to look at thunderstorms because the last time i did that a tree blew up so

this storm feels slightly tornadoey tbqh